Herniated Disc in Neck

Herniated Disc in NeckThe pain in your arm is very uncomfortable.  It goes down your arm or shoulder or it is causing numbness or tingling.  You can not do the normal daily activities you are used to doing.  You have tried taking ibuprofen and putting ice on your neck.  You have decided it is time to see the doctor.

You might have other symptoms such as a dull ache, dizziness, pain that increases with movement, decreased range of motion, pressure, headache, muscle spasms, and possibly pain and stiffness that spreads to your face, shoulders, arms, and even your hands.

More severe symptoms include urinary retention or leg weakness which can cause balance problems.  If you experience these symptoms, you should consult a medical practitioner without a doubt.

 What caused the herniated disc in my neck?

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 A herniated disc in your neck is also called a cervical bulging disc, slipped disc, or ruptured disc.  The discs are labeled C1 – C7.  The intervertebral disc is tissue between each of the bones in your neck. The discs are made of a soft jelly-like middle with a tough outer shell.  This disc creates a joint between each of the bones in the neck and spine that lets them to move from side to side. They are like little shock absorbers.  The outer shell can tear and the jelly-like middle can squeeze out through the opening.  That is how the disc can become herniated.

Common causes for a herniated disc in your neck are:

Age-related wear and tear

  • Traumatic event
  • Smoking
  • Excess body weight
  • Physically demanding jobs
  • Genetics

What will the doctor do?

He or she will do a physical examination to see if he can determine the source of your pain.  Your doctor will examine your arms, neck, shoulders and back to see if you are experiencing any pain, weakness, or tingling.  If he is able to say for sure it is a herniated disc in your neck, he will treat you by starting with pain relievers and something for the inflammation in your neck.  He or she may give you some exercises to do to stretch and strengthen your neck muscles.

If the pain is debilitating or extreme, he or she may give you a narcotic pain reliever and/or possibly a prescription muscle relaxer or a steroid pill.  Your doctor may send you to have an x-ray of your neck.  He may also ask that you have an MRI or CT scan.  Once the results confirm you have a herniated disc in your neck, he or she may send you to physical therapy.  They will measure your progress each week and have you do exercises at home for maximum strengthening benefits.

Your doctor or medical practitioner will take a conservative approach to healing the herniated disc in your neck.  Cortisone injections may be used.  They are usually given every 2 to 3 weeks up to a total of three (3) injections.

Surgery might be the only an option after trying everything else.  Possible recommendations for surgery are spinal fusion or artificial disc replacement surgeries.  The spinal fusion surgery that has had great results for many people, but it is considered a last resort.  The artificial disc replacement surgery has had excellent results as well.  The recovery and healing time for surgeries can be from six (6) weeks to two (2) years.  It usually depends on a variety of circumstances as to how long the healing process takes.

 What can I do at home before I go to a doctor?

Once you experience any type of neck pain, you can take a pain reliever and something for the inflammation (like ibuprofen or naproxen).  Apply ice to the area alternating 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.  If you are experiencing mild pain, you can do stretching exercises for your neck.

What exercises can I do for a herniated disc in my neck?

  • The Neck Stretch – Tilt your head to the left.  Try to touch your ear to your left shoulder.  With your left hand, lightly press on your temple.  Work up to holding the position for 20 seconds.  Repeat on the right side.
  • The Chin – Bend your head forward while trying to touch your chin to your chest.  Keep your shoulders relaxed.  Hold for 20 seconds.  Work towards 8 – 10 repetitions.
  • Trampoline March – Stand in the middle of a trampoline with your hands at your sides and your feet together.  Look straight ahead while marching in place.  Do not move around the trampoline.  Continue slowly for about 10 minutes working up to a moderate pace.  Do twice a day.
  • Blade Tighteners – While standing, slowly pull your shoulder blades toward your back.  Squeeze them together as hard as possible and hold for five (5) seconds.  Work towards doing a repetition of 10 times.
  • Water exercises are good for strengthening muscles.  The water creates resistance while soothing the area.
  • Aerobic exercise and weight lifting is good for muscle strengthening when you feel up to it.

If any exercises cause additional pain, do not do them and consult your doctor.  Always start with minimum repetitions and work up to the maximum.  Repeat the exercises once or twice a day.

herniated disc neck stiffness

 How can I prevent a herniated disc in my neck in the future?

Sometimes, a herniated disc in your neck will happen from reasons you can not prevent.  However, a few tips to take to help in the future are:

  • Do not sit in the same position for a long period of time, especially if looking down or at a computer screen for a long time.
  • Do not slouch.  Maintain a proper body positions.
  • Remember this RICE acronym – Rest, ice, compression, and exercise to strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Exercise to help strengthen neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Strength training and aerobic exercises
  • Losing excess weight

Herniated Disc in Neck. See about pinched nerve in neck here Or about Neck pain

Causes and remedies for a pulled muscle in neck

It is surprising how a small pulled muscle in neck, known as the levator scapulae, can cause painful headaches that totally irritate a person. Pain killers could mask the pain but its pressure could be too much to go away even with strong drugs. However, holding pressure to the muscle will easily remove the pain.

When the levator scapulae muscle is held in a contracted position for a long time, for instance sleeping under a pillow that is either too thin or too thick, it condenses and pulls the cervical vertebra which draws them down and to the side. This results in pressure to the neck muscle creating tension and pain. Common causes of neck pain would include:

Misalignment of the spine

This is the number cause since it exerts pressure to the nerves that causes muscle tension. Poor posture exercises or a poor neck pillow would lead to this pressure.

Poor posture

Poor postures lead to complications within the spine; if you have a poor posture it makes your spine look misaligned. If you look at yourself in the mirror or have someone look from the side and the front, your spine is aligned well when it has a smooth flowing curve.

Poor sleeping habits

Poor sleeping habits like sleeping on your stomach can cause a serious pulled muscle, this is because you have to turn your head about ninety degrees to breathe. Sleeping with a too thin or a too thick pillow could also lead to the same problem. A good pillow should simply keep the neck in proper position as you sleep on your side or back.


Pulled muscle in neck causing tension and strain

This tension makes difficult to move and creates an inflammation putting pressure onto the nerves and causing pain. Perform occasional neck stretches to have your muscle loosened and avoid positions and motions that are a little painful.

If you have a strained muscle in your neck, here are a few remedies to prevent it from taking place and how you can effortlessly remove the pain

Try avoiding it from happening.

if you have injured your neck in the past and know what caused it, you thus avoid such activities.

Correct your spinal alignment.

This can be done by seeing an osteopath, chiropractor, or someone that can have this done professionally. A massage would often help since it helps relax the ligaments and muscles therefore giving chance for the spine to shift back to correct place.Neck-Muscles-picture

Use natural therapies. 

This can be done by applying heat or ice, these do not cost a thing. You can use them whenever you have a strained muscle. After this you can do gentle neck stretches once you start feeling a little better. This will assist in elongating the muscles and break up the muscle adhesion and prevents future strains.
A home muscle massage can be done by using your finger tips to identify the points of massage then massage out. You will find it a little painful, but is important to get a quick spinal alignment.

The next time you have a pulled muscle in the neck, you can use the above tips.

Best Tips On How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain

Neck pain is considered as a common regular health disorder that the majority of people all over the world get it in their own lifetime. Causes of this problem are bad posture, trauma, muscle strain, or injuries. Besides, there are still many other causes like rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic disease causing neck pain. The question here is how to get rid of neck pain.

Fortunately, you can get rid of this problem with some natural remedies and easy stretching exercises. Here, you will discover five home remedies for neck pain that can relieve your neck pain safely. See Pinched nerve in neck

How to get rid of neck pain

1.      Relax Your Neck With Tender Stretches

To do this technique, you should slightly bend the neck towards the right and keep that position for about 10 seconds. Then, return back to the usual position. Do this routine again on the left side. After that, you roll the head clockwise as well as anti-clockwise for getting the best result in treating neck pain.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

2.      Massage

It is recommended that neck pain sufferers should massage their stiff neck regularly with about 5 drops of rosemary essential oil mixed with a little bit of jojoba oil, avocado, or olive oil. To relieve neck pain and inflammation fast, you can make use of a pain cream made from some of the most efficient natural herbal ingredients. Keep in mind that you should use the proper balance of the ingredients to stop neck pain without side effects.

3.      Moist Heat

The next home treatment for neck pain which works well on how to get rid of neck pain is wrapping a hot water bottle in a towel before putting it around the neck. Thanks to the proper heat, you will sooth your neck pain gently as well as relax your neck muscles naturally. In order to get the best result of this method, you had better apply it frequently, preferably once per day.

4.      Pain Relief Cream

In case that you do not have time, the best choice is getting yourself a natural herbal cream that is easy to apply and could be carried to most places you want. There are many people all over the world found out the effective solution for their neck pain condition by taking advantage of a well-balanced blend of homeopathic ingredients which might address inflammation as well as pain through different ways.

How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Massage
How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain

5.      Stretching Exercises

Actually, the major reason of neck pain is muscle strain. Due to prolonged bad posture, your muscle will be strained and tensed. Thus, to relieve your pain, move the head and neck slightly. After that, pull your shoulder down. Do this type of exercises 5 minutes or more to get good results.

6.      Taking An Appropriate Rest

If you are sitting or working for many long hours and feeling the pain in your neck, then you could take break time to time. If you have to drive for a long distance, then taking a break can help soothe your pain. The same advice also goes for computer using. How to get rid of neck pain

7.      Acupuncture  

This process might be mainly conducted by placing needles in the neck and other points of the body. Acupuncture has been described as supplying varying levels of neck pain relief for sufferers. In fact, a large number of people suffering from chronic pain said that this cure is so beneficial for their neck pain.

8.      Get Out Of Your Slump

As mentioned above, bad posture is a main contributor to neck pain. Thus, you had better think about the posture you maintain when sitting, standing, or lifting. Try keeping the head as well as neck straight. Keep in mind that your back should be supported. When sitting at the desk, for instance, your computer should be at your eye level and the chair should be right up against the back. Besides, the mouse should be placed low enough so that you will not have to reach for it. In other words, when picking things up, you should not lead forward. Rather than doing that, you should blend the knees while keeping the back straight.

9.      Place Ice On Certain Areas

Neck pain might also be joined by nagging headaches, tingling, and numbness in the back of the head, the neck, shoulders, or hands. Putting ice on your affected areas can relieve your common symptoms. When your neck pain get really intense, you can slowly move to and lye on the floor with a towel behind your neck.

These above simple tips on how to get rid of neck pain have worked for a lot of people. Making use one or some of them to see what will be your best choice. Keep reading our articles to discover more useful information about health issues.

Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Some Useful Details for Choosing Best Pillow for Neck Pain

It is highly recommended for you to consider in advance that undoubtedly one of the most frequent causes of various neck problems today remains just it occasionally becomes twisted or bent too far in any direction for a long period of time. That is why, if you wake up in the morning with severe pains in your neck, this could be caused by the choice of improper pillow, which could not support your head and shoulders in the preferable neutral position. So, do not disregard the essential detail that best pillow for neck pain will surely keep unchanged the normal slight curve of your back and spine. On the contrary, sleeping on occasional pillow in most cases will finish with stiff neck for you, naturally connected with extreme soreness and difficult and very painful movements of your neck while trying to turn your head to one side or another. Pinched nerve in neck symptoms and treatment

Best pillows for neck pain

Important considerations concerning finding best pillows for neck pain

If you have previously suffered from certain kind of serious neck pains or other similar health problems, you have undoubtedly understood that your proper position in the bed proves to be critical factor in your fast and successful treatment once and for all. That is why you should at any rate avoid watching TV or reading in bed. In addition, you should never place yourself upon a couple of pillows while your head bents forward.  In the similar way, just remember that if you tend to read, you will have at any rate to provide your arms with firm additional support and your head should constantly remain in a neutral position. We would like also to recommend you always to keep in your mind that the best position for healthy sleeping all the night will be on your back or side.

Buy Best pillow for neck pain

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Basic Advantages of Brand New Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

In case you have already tried modern cervical neck pillow, developed from Arc4life, you will readily confirm that this excellent product could in no time help recovering severe shoulder and neck pain conditions. Furthermore, it boosts significantly the right support of your neck and head, resulting in decreasing of the harmful pressure. Thanks to this exclusive pillow, you will soon fall in deep sound sleep and your body could relax completely. In the similar way, if you tend to be a smoker and as a result snore from time to time, you will be glad to know that due to brand new Arc4life cervical neck pillow, you will breathe much more easily and cut significantly your previous snoring, just because your air passage remains fully free.

Other substantial advantage that you will be glad to observe surely remains that the regular use of this pillow will in short time augments the circulation in your body due to the common fact that blood typically flows significantly faster through elastic muscles. In the similar way, you spine will remain naturally aligned during the night and you will find your previous posture essentially improved and looking awesome. Do not disregard the useful information that this pillow as well proves to be completely non-allergenic with an ordinary size from about 23*15*3 inches and weight of 2 pounds.

Furthermore, is will be generally useful to consider in advance that if you choose to buy its special zipping slip as well, you will soon discover that the distinctive V sector of this pillow constantly encourages you to keep your head and neck in their natural and completely balanced position while you are sleeping or just lying for a small rest. In addition, after several nights, you will feel the total comfort of the exclusive combination between V-shaped portion and the completely centered position of your neck, provided by the brand new Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow.

At the end, do not forget that you could easily feel the great neck pains relief just by using its distinctive support side. For doing that you should simply keep the pillow flat upon your mattress and rotate it 180 degrees towards its more noticeable V-shaped side. Its special linear traction function will speedily relieve your neck by freeing up the cervical disc spaces and taking off the pressure from your nerves while keeping your neck into optimal natural position.
Do hesitate to get the brand new Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow at completely affordable price from Amazon.com.


Pinched Nerve In Leg 

Pinched Nerve In Neck Exercises

Pinched Nerve (Compressed Nerve) In Neck Exercises – The best way to cure pinched nerve in neck is to do some exercises for pinched nerve in neck. These following exercises that I share with you do not take longer and you will be able to do them with ease. Just scroll down to discover which the pinched nerve in neck exercises is. See other more neck pain here

Pinched nerve in the neck is caused by different reasons; however, lifestyle and accident are considered as the most popular causes of this condition. Besides, arthritis is also among the common causes of the condition. In order to handle this problem, you can refer 5 exercises recommended by many physicians. They are:

  • Exercise # 1

This is a simple exercise that is helpful and easy-to-implement. Stand straight, then place your hands next to your thighs. Now, you slowly tuck your chin in and bring your head forward, as though you are going to reach your chin to the chest. Gently lift the head up while keeping your chin tucked in bend the neck backwards as far as you are able to. You can repeat this exercise 5-7 times about twice or thrice throughout the day.

  • Exercise # 2

If you do this exercise regularly, you can relieve the symptoms of your problem. Either stand or sit straight, then you keep looking straight, tilt your head towards the right shoulder. Next, come back to the center slowly and tilt it back to the left shoulder. It is very important that every of your movements is controlled and not jerky, else you might aggravate the condition. The neck stretch can be repeated 5-6 times about twice or thrice a day.

Pinched nerve in neck exercises

  • Exercise # 3

This is often a component of physical therapy for pinched nerve in neck. Keep your shoulders lowered and slowly rotate the neck from right to the back, then move to the left and eventually towards the front. You should do the rotation both clockwise and anticlockwise. You have to control your movements. Concurrently, it is best to do this exercise by keeping your closed eyes, else you will feel woozy.

  • Exercise # 4

The purpose of doing this kind of exercise is for trapped nerve in neck. Stand straight and place your hands on your body’s either side. It is great if your elbows are bent. Then you can slowly bring both your shoulder blades closer to one another, roll your shoulder backwards about 10-15 times as well. Like the above exercises, it is important that you have to control your movements when doing this exercise as well.

  • Exercise # 5

Sit erect on a chair, extend both two hands in front of you. Then, using the right hand, hold the wrist of the left hand and try to pull your arm as well as your shoulder above the head towards the right side. Now, hold this state for 5-10 seconds, then slowly come back to the first state and repeat the same on the left side as well. You can repeat this exercise 7-10 times about twice or thrice a day. Pinched Nerve In Back

Hope you enjoy this article.

Pinched Nerve In Neck Exercises

Some Home Remedies For Pinched Nerve In Neck Relief

Pinched Nerve In Neck Relief

Pinched nerve in neck is considered as the extremely common ailment that virtually most people experience at some points in their life. This condition is frequently caused by some minor muscle tweaks or injuries and typically abates after several days of taking it easy. However, when the typical symptoms of nerve compression persist, you need to visit a doctor because a pinched nerve in neck could also be a direct consequence of a degenerative spine condition in the cervical region of your spine.

Pinched Nerve In Neck Relief
Pinched Nerve In Neck Relief

In fact, a pinched nerve in the neck can be caused by something as simple and popular as improperly sleeping on the pillow or over-exerting oneself when doing household chores.

What Is The Most Popular Methods For Pinched Nerve In Neck Relief?

The symptoms of pinched nerve in neck can vary from person to person. Treatment also varies, depending on the severity and underlying cause of the nerve compression. There are some types of remedy for pinched nerve in neck to shrink swollen tissue around the nerve. In some serve cases, it might be essential to remove material that is pressing on a nerve, such as:

  • Disc material
  • Pieces of bone
  • Scar tissue

What Are Some Home Remedies For Pinched Nerve In Neck?

In this small frame of this report, we just list some home remedies for pinched nerve in neck relief that are easy-to-understand and simple-to-follow. Here is a quick glimpse of some common treatment for Pinched nerve in neck that you can implement at your home:

-      Heat and cold therapy

Alternating between cold and heat therapy alleviates pain, muscle spasms and inflammation combined with the pinched nerve. You should use a barrier such as a cloth or towel between the cold pack or heating pad and skin to prevent injury. Spine Universe recommends alternating between heat and cold every 20 minutes. You should use a hot water bottle, microwaved moist towel, or electric blanket for the heat therapy. If ice packs are not available, you can use an alternative of plastic bag of crushed ice or a frozen bag of vegetables work as cold packs.

-      Exercise

Light stretching of the neck muscles might relieve pinched nerve in neck and neck pain. You can gently turn your neck to one side, and then hold for about 30 seconds. The exercise could be repeated in different positions. Your shoulder and neck rolls also gently work the neck, the shoulder and the lower back area. You might feel slight discomfort when implementing this thing. You absolutely should not overexert the neck muscles, which might promote damage or cause complications to you. Also, a simple hand-held massager might provide relief to the pinched nerve.

-      Rest

The most common recommended home remedy for a pinched nerve in neck remains rest. Taking a rest for the affected neck area to enhance healing is critical. You are recommended not take part in strenuous activities in daily life. The clinic suggests that you should lie down periodically throughout the day to rest your head and neck. Besides, you can use specialized cervical pillows to support the natural neck and spinal curve whenever either sitting or lying down. However, too much rest is also not recommended because the neck and associated muscles might grow stiff and become more difficult to move.

Best Pillow for Neck Pain

The above information is a small fraction of what you can do for pinched nerve in neck relief. We will come back to deliver further methods as well as treatments for this problem.

Finaly, Below you will find some recommended and highly rated products specifically created to treat pinched nerve in the neck and inflammation issues. These products also include reviews and testimonials from previous users

Hope that this article is useful for you!

Pinched Nerve In Neck Exercises

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