Causes and remedies for a pulled muscle in neck

It is surprising how a small pulled muscle in neck, known as the levator scapulae, can cause painful headaches that totally irritate a person. Pain killers could mask the pain but its pressure could be too much to go away even with strong drugs. However, holding pressure to the muscle will easily remove the pain.

When the levator scapulae muscle is held in a contracted position for a long time, for instance sleeping under a pillow that is either too thin or too thick, it condenses and pulls the cervical vertebra which draws them down and to the side. This results in pressure to the neck muscle creating tension and pain. Common causes of neck pain would include:

Misalignment of the spine

This is the number cause since it exerts pressure to the nerves that causes muscle tension. Poor posture exercises or a poor neck pillow would lead to this pressure.

Poor posture

Poor postures lead to complications within the spine; if you have a poor posture it makes your spine look misaligned. If you look at yourself in the mirror or have someone look from the side and the front, your spine is aligned well when it has a smooth flowing curve.

Poor sleeping habits

Poor sleeping habits like sleeping on your stomach can cause a serious pulled muscle, this is because you have to turn your head about ninety degrees to breathe. Sleeping with a too thin or a too thick pillow could also lead to the same problem. A good pillow should simply keep the neck in proper position as you sleep on your side or back.


Pulled muscle in neck causing tension and strain

This tension makes difficult to move and creates an inflammation putting pressure onto the nerves and causing pain. Perform occasional neck stretches to have your muscle loosened and avoid positions and motions that are a little painful.

If you have a strained muscle in your neck, here are a few remedies to prevent it from taking place and how you can effortlessly remove the pain

Try avoiding it from happening.

if you have injured your neck in the past and know what caused it, you thus avoid such activities.

Correct your spinal alignment.

This can be done by seeing an osteopath, chiropractor, or someone that can have this done professionally. A massage would often help since it helps relax the ligaments and muscles therefore giving chance for the spine to shift back to correct place.Neck-Muscles-picture

Use natural therapies. 

This can be done by applying heat or ice, these do not cost a thing. You can use them whenever you have a strained muscle. After this you can do gentle neck stretches once you start feeling a little better. This will assist in elongating the muscles and break up the muscle adhesion and prevents future strains.
A home muscle massage can be done by using your finger tips to identify the points of massage then massage out. You will find it a little painful, but is important to get a quick spinal alignment.

The next time you have a pulled muscle in the neck, you can use the above tips.

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