Pinched Nerve In Neck Exercises

Pinched Nerve (Compressed Nerve) In Neck Exercises – The best way to cure pinched nerve in neck is to do some exercises for pinched nerve in neck. These following exercises that I share with you do not take longer and you will be able to do them with ease. Just scroll down to discover which the pinched nerve in neck exercises is. See other more neck pain here

Pinched nerve in the neck is caused by different reasons; however, lifestyle and accident are considered as the most popular causes of this condition. Besides, arthritis is also among the common causes of the condition. In order to handle this problem, you can refer 5 exercises recommended by many physicians. They are:

  • Exercise # 1

This is a simple exercise that is helpful and easy-to-implement. Stand straight, then place your hands next to your thighs. Now, you slowly tuck your chin in and bring your head forward, as though you are going to reach your chin to the chest. Gently lift the head up while keeping your chin tucked in bend the neck backwards as far as you are able to. You can repeat this exercise 5-7 times about twice or thrice throughout the day.

  • Exercise # 2

If you do this exercise regularly, you can relieve the symptoms of your problem. Either stand or sit straight, then you keep looking straight, tilt your head towards the right shoulder. Next, come back to the center slowly and tilt it back to the left shoulder. It is very important that every of your movements is controlled and not jerky, else you might aggravate the condition. The neck stretch can be repeated 5-6 times about twice or thrice a day.

Pinched nerve in neck exercises

  • Exercise # 3

This is often a component of physical therapy for pinched nerve in neck. Keep your shoulders lowered and slowly rotate the neck from right to the back, then move to the left and eventually towards the front. You should do the rotation both clockwise and anticlockwise. You have to control your movements. Concurrently, it is best to do this exercise by keeping your closed eyes, else you will feel woozy.

  • Exercise # 4

The purpose of doing this kind of exercise is for trapped nerve in neck. Stand straight and place your hands on your body’s either side. It is great if your elbows are bent. Then you can slowly bring both your shoulder blades closer to one another, roll your shoulder backwards about 10-15 times as well. Like the above exercises, it is important that you have to control your movements when doing this exercise as well.

  • Exercise # 5

Sit erect on a chair, extend both two hands in front of you. Then, using the right hand, hold the wrist of the left hand and try to pull your arm as well as your shoulder above the head towards the right side. Now, hold this state for 5-10 seconds, then slowly come back to the first state and repeat the same on the left side as well. You can repeat this exercise 7-10 times about twice or thrice a day. Pinched Nerve In Back

Hope you enjoy this article.

Pinched Nerve In Neck Exercises


  1. Sandra says:

    Thank you for these helpful and simple exercises. Easy to understand and attempt. Well done

  2. Frank Wells says:

    Please create a video with these exercises. Some of the instructions are ambiguous and I cannot figure out exatcly what you are trying to explain.

    Thank You

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